Here are some of the opinions that appeared in the media regarding the release of A.R.T.’s latest album, SORTE, and their live performances:


The German publishes this about SORTE: “To end, also this week, a bit of real jazz.’Sorte’, the new album by ABE RABADE TRIO, translates the multiple meaning of the title into possible musical analogies. In this set ‘classical’ piano, bass and drums, all three improvise mostly within predetermined harmonic courses. 12 songs, organized in groups of 3 and titled according to the subjective associations of the musicians. Consequently, the titles are clearly guided by emotion, nourishing –between moments of classical music, minimalism, influences from the Galician homeland and modern jazz even free– from an apparently very large background of personal experiences. Although the eponymous composed all the pieces, he is not at all in the center of these exceptional sounds. If this band came from northern Europe, it would have a permanent presence, at least in the specialized media. Let’s find out!”.


Katrin Wilke from Deutschlandradio spoke to Abe Rábade about his latest work.


Fernando Neira says in Un disco al día: “Just a couple of decades ago, when one of the main oracles of jazz criticism in Spain had in their hands a copy of Babel de sons (2001), a solo premiere by the then twentysomething Abe Rábade was able to warn those who were lucky enough to hear him: we must immediately memorize this name. Sorte constitutes, 20 seasons later, the fourteenth album signed by the Compostela pianist and composer, and corroborates the relevance of that notice for sound explorers: Abe is, without room for doubt, one of the greats on the peninsular and European scene “.


Juan Carlos Justiniano, highlighted in his criticism of the concert on February 20 at the National Auditorium in Madrid for the music magazine Codalario, that “the most remarkable thing about Rábade’s work is the formal work, the worked motivational development and their coexistence in a very natural way with more openly improvised moments. Because the pianist’s music is still understood within the terms of jazz, but of a modern jazz that draws on music that has resonances both in the gospel and in the jazz tradition. and Galician folklore. And this is something original. Because whenever jazz is considered from the Spanish point of view, it seems that it can only be done by resorting to topics of peripheral exoticism. For fashion, for commercial pull, for historical complex or perhaps simply for love of the land It seems that there is no life beyond the bulería, the bolero and the song for Spanish jazz. But in the case of Rábade this cliché is conjured “.


Juan Ramón Rodríguez wrote in Más Jazz Digital that “the career of the prolific composer returns to the trio format through Sorte (Nuba / Karonte distribuciones – 2020) together with the usual traveling companions —Pablo Martín-Caminero on bass and Bruno Pedroso on drums— and delivers twelve compositions to the arms of destiny in the heat of a studied contingency. The formula, although not new in the recovery of traces of folklore and bodies of remarkable elegance, once again delights with its simple setting on stage. An album felt and versed in the lightness of the moment, something inevitable as well as stimulating these days”.


Emilio Martínez signs a review in Diario CrÍtico entitled “The huge ‘Sorte’ of enjoying the new album by the great pianist and creator Abe Rábade” in which he comments: “Great among the greats. Primus inter pares. Abe Rábade adds to his already long collection of service to music in general and jazz in particular a new album, the 15th of his vast career. He titled it ‘Sorte’ (luck in his Galician language), it consists of a total of twelve of his compositions and has the common denominator of his style with his usual and unmistakable label and vitola of his own. In addition, he is accompanied by two other jazz greats, Pablo Martín Caminero on double bass and Bruno Pedroso on drums. So we will have the ‘luck’ of enjoying the trio in the official presentation of the new album, published by Nuba Records, this coming Saturday the 20th at the National Music Auditorium”.


Txema Mañeru explained in his impressions of SORTE for El Giradiscos that “Rábade’s music travels from classic jazz a la Bill Evans to the more modern jazz of Brad Mehldau, but he is not afraid to add blues and classical music details. Of course, and in this “Sorte” (Nuba Records / Karonte) even more, the aromas and sounds of traditional Galician folk music “.


Second published by I. Ortega in Distritojazz, “this‘ Sorte ’is a conceptual album full of good music that is not out of tune in Abe Rábade’s career and even before him.”


Gonzalo García-Conde also spoke a few words for La Nueva España about SORTE.



Onda Fuenlabrada, El Correo Gallego and Staff Magazine noticed the launch of SORTE. The new album by A.R.T. also closed the program “A Revista” by TVG.

Appearances in La Voz de Galicia, Compostela Cultura and El Español on the occasion of the concert on February 24 at the Teatro Principal of Santiago de Compostela.

Más Jazz Digital shared a new about the concert for the presentation of the A.R.T. on April 2 at the Menorca Jazz Festival and Agencia EFE, a chronicle of this concert before 160 spectators (maximum capacity allowed). IB3 informed about it too and El and Crónica Balear also reported on the subject.

Platforma Jazz offers news on the Jazz Palma 2021 Festival, which will be closed with a performance by the Abe Rábade Trio, and the Diario de Cádiz talked about the next performance by A.R.T. on July 23 at the city.


Photos: Outstanding and general view, Afonso Sestelo. Foreground, Javier Sáenz.


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