Abe Rábade publishes his new album S O R T E on the Nuba Records label. This is his 14th record as a leader, and this time entirely made of original compositions. It was recorded with his trio, a stable musical group for 12 years: Abe Rábade on piano, Pablo Martín Caminero on double bass and Bruno Pedroso on drums.


The title of the album (sort of / chance / luck / fate *the Galician word “sorte” has all these meanings according to context) contains the concept from which the musical ideas, the formal structure of the work and even the staging of the live shows have developed. Sorte is a term that appeals to destiny, to the collectively integrated, to the revelation of a single element against all other possibilities, to the permanent (and often clumsy) pursuit of reality by the word. It also makes reference to the methods of divination: by means of the random opening of books (bibliomancy) and specifically in Galiza through the extrapolation of the atmospheric time from the first 12 days of the year to 12 months; the so-called Sortes.

“Life simply passes through us, even though we bind it with the utmost precision to memory.” 

With the suggestive key idea of the Sorte as a “group of elements that have emerged through chance” an album with 12 original compositions emerges. All of them were written within a period of 3 weeks in 2018, in a free manner, without prior stylistic or conceptual corsets. It was only later, after observing which was the soul essence of each piece, that each of the titles emerged. And the word-title in turn enriched with new nuances (due to its subjective connotations that emerged in the composer and in the performers) the final version of the scores, their approach in the rehearsals and live shows prior to recording and ultimately enriched the artistic production as a whole, which the Abe Rábade Trío presents in this work.


Each piece of the album therefore represents a state of mind or a magnetic source of inspiration. The aesthetic range of the material ranges from classical music to blues, through the influence of the traditional music of Galiza, the avant-garde timbral experimentation and of course the interactive and spontaneous elements so typical of jazz. The pieces were grouped three by three, borrowing the play of contrasting and complementary forces from the pictorial triptychs.

And so the structure of S O R T E consists of 4 triptychs, each of them representing a dimension of luck:

1) MYSTICAL SORTE: Dew, Palpitation & Fluid.

2) EPIC SORTE: Ideas, Journey & Victory.

3) INTIMATE SORTE: Disenchantment, Desire & Moon.

4) LUDIC SORTE: Dawn, Calm & Return.


The album was recorded at Camaleón Estudio (Madrid) from October 6 to 8, 2020 with Shayan Fathi as engineer.

It was mixed and mastered by Mário Barreiros from October 29 to 31, 2020 in Aguda (Portugal).

S O R T E is a production by Abe Rábade and Fernando Rosado for Nuba Records.



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