Permanent Jazz Workshop

SPJSeminario Permanente de Jazz

The Seminario Permanente de Jazz de Pontevedra [Permanent Jazz Workshop of Pontevedra] was created in 2000 by Luís Carballo, Paco Charlín and Abe Rábade. It has been a model for the growth of Jazz music in Galiza ever since. This collective works following two main goals: the career development of musicians and the promotion of this musical style in society thru jazz concerts and the edition of CD’s.

The academic year at the SPJ goes from October to June. Its main goal is to offer the students every possible material to enhace their abbilities in the improvisation and general performance of jazz music. The work is mainly focused on interpretation, repertoire, improvisation and ensemble. On top of the practical-type classes, the workshop puts a special emphasis on composition, harmony, arranging and history for the students to have a complete understanding of Jazz music.

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