Lorca Namorado

Lorca Namorado. Os 6 poemas galegos musicados por Abe Rábade

Lorca Namorado

His 6 galician poems set to music by Abe Rábade.

30 de Maio ás 22h
Praza da Quintana
Compostela (Galiza)

Abe Rábade Trío

Abe Rábade TríoAbe Rábade Trío

The band features since 2008:
Abe Rábade, piano and composition
Pablo Martín Caminero, acoustic bass
Bruno Pedroso, drums

First period

Abe Rábade Trío was founded in 1996 in Boston (EEUU). This first trio featured Galician bassist Paco Charlín and Bulgarian drummer Val Tzenkov. This first period was quite rich in recording sessions and recitals in the context of Berklee College of Music. An important part of the compositions recorded in the following years were written and ensembled during this time.

Award in Getxo, Babel de Sons and Simetrías

In 2000 the band settles in Galiza. It obtained that year the 2nd Prize at the International Contest of Jazz Groups of Getxo (Euskadi). The performance of that night conforms the first album of the trio: Babel de Sons (2001) with Paco Charlín on double bass and Ramón Ángel Rey on drums, new rhythm section that would be mantained until the end of 2004.

In 2002, the group publishes its second work, Simetrías, presented at the Festival de Jazz Plaza de La Habana (Cuba).

Among the many performances of the Abe Rábade Trío during that period the most remarkable are the following Jazz Festival appearances: Plaza de La Habana -edition 2002 (Cuba), Tanger (Morocco), San Sebastián and Getxo (Euskadi); Ibiza and Mallorca (Illes Balears), San Isidro, Jornadas UNED and Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), Gijón and Mieres (Asturias), Málaga (Andalucía), Granollers (Catalunya) as well as Lugo, A Coruña, Santiago, Pontevedra and Baiona (Galiza).

The group had concerts in well known jazz clubs as Café Central (Madrid), Café Latino (Ourense), Jamboree (Barcelona), Nova Jazz Cava (Terrassa), Café España (Valladolid), Manteca Jazz (Vigo) or Dado Dadá Jazz Club (Santiago de Compostela).

The Abe Rábade Trío will be also from this period on the basis for the GHU! Project, a band featuring outstanding jazz soloists such as Chris Kase, Jesús Santandreu or Michel González. This concept is mantained nowadays featuring soloists like Miguel Zenón, Perico Sambeat, Alan Ferber or Toni Belenguer.

Playing on Light

In 2006 the CD Playing on Lightis published. It features Paco Charlín on bass and the new member of the band; Portuguese drummer Bruno Pedroso. The Spaniard Magazine Cuadernos de Jazz chose this album as the Best Jazz Album in Spain 2006.

At the end of 2006 Portuguese bass player Nelson Cascais joins the trio.

The group played actively in clubs such as Hot Clube (Lisboa) or Calle 54, Boguie and Berlín Jazz Café (Madrid) as well as in Jazz Festivals de Jazz such as: Plaza de La Habana -edition 2008 (Cuba), Madeira and Estarreja (Portugal), Parla, Universidad Politécnica and Ciudad Lineal (Madrid), Jaca (Aragón), Jaén (Andalucía), Imaxinasons_Vigo and Allariz (Galiza).

The Abe Rábade Trío composed and performed the original music for the exhibition of Galician silent films Pioneiros do Cinema promoted by the Galician Center of Imaging Arts at the Teatro Principal of Santiago de Compostela (January of 2007).

The group took also part in the live broadcasts for TVG: Celebration of the XXV Anniversary of the Galician Parliament at the Auditorio Caixanova (Pontevedra, 2006) and the Gala of Galician Communication Awards at the Gran Hotel (A Toxa, 2008).

The band recorded also the following 2008 CD productions Rosalía 21 (presented at the Feira del Libro de La Habana -Cuba) and Aloumiños de Seda (comissioned by the General Bureau of Language Policy (Government of Galiza).

Abe Rábade Trío nowadays

Since 2008 the rhythm section of the trio features Pablo Martín Caminero on bass and Bruno Pedroso on drums.

It is remarkable the presentation of the trio work O Movemento dos Soños [The movement of dreams] at the Church of the University of Santiago de Compostela in February, 2009.

In 2010 the album Zigurat is published by Karonte Records. It contains 6 original compostions and a version of Federico Mompou´s Chanson num. 6. Zigurat was presented in the following cities: Berlín, Santiago de Chile, A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela, Ciudad Real, Madrid, Ourense, Vigo and Oviedo.

On April, 2012, Abe Rábade Trio releases its new album: “A Modo”.

GHU! Project

GHU! ProjectGHU! Project

The Abe Rábade GHU! Project was created in 2001 willing to experiment with a wider instrumental format than the trio (quintet, sextet or jazz septet) and to explore compositions and arrangements where the variety of timbre and the counterpoint are essencial factors.

The first release of the band was the GHU! Project vol.1, a CD recorded in 2002, but edited in 2004 by Karonte. This album featured Chris Kase (trumpet and flügelhorn), Jesús Santandreu (tenor sax), Michel González (guitar), Abe Rábade (piano), Paco Charlín (double bass) and Ramón Ángel Rey (drums).

During the celebration of the Holly Year of 2004 in Galiza (Xacobeo 2004) the band offered the special concert Cantigas Suite (a revision of XIII century Galician medieval music in a contemporary context -featuring Portuguese singer Mísia).

The second album of the GHU! Project is Open Doors (2008), in a septet format with Chris Kase (trumpet and flügelhorn), Perico Sambeat (saxo alto), Jesús Santandreu (tenor sax), Alan Ferber (trombone), Abe Rábade (piano), Nelson Cascais (double bass) and Bruno Pedroso (drums).

In March of 2009 is released Open Doors Live in Santiago, a DVD that captures the live performance of the band in the Capital of Galiza.

The repertoire of the GHU! Project is based on original compositions by Abe Rábade. A wide variety of jazz flavours are treated: energetic hard bop, lyrical character in ballads and medium tempos, rhythmic experimentation and the always present respect for jazz tradition.

Permanent Jazz Workshop

SPJSeminario Permanente de Jazz

The Seminario Permanente de Jazz de Pontevedra [Permanent Jazz Workshop of Pontevedra] was created in 2000 by Luís Carballo, Paco Charlín and Abe Rábade. It has been a model for the growth of Jazz music in Galiza ever since. This collective works following two main goals: the career development of musicians and the promotion of this musical style in society thru jazz concerts and the edition of CD’s.

The academic year at the SPJ goes from October to June. Its main goal is to offer the students every possible material to enhace their abbilities in the improvisation and general performance of jazz music. The work is mainly focused on interpretation, repertoire, improvisation and ensemble. On top of the practical-type classes, the workshop puts a special emphasis on composition, harmony, arranging and history for the students to have a complete understanding of Jazz music.

More information and aplication at pontejazz.org

AZOS jazz

AZOS jazzAZOS jazz

AZOS is an adventure involving jazz in Galiza. This discographic label wants to emphasize the making of new jazz talents in the area as well as collaborations among players from all over the world that have Galiza as a meeting point.

“Jazz” means an open conception; to influences, the destiny of music and the destiny of musicians. Azos wants to be a window with no limit, from a Galician perspective.

AZOS is a project founded by Abe Rábade & Sergio Lago (Falcatruada)
AZOS is distributed by Karonte (in CD) and by Lonxa Cultural (digitally)