Lorca Namorado

Lorca Namorado. Os 6 poemas galegos musicados por Abe Rábade

Lorca Namorado

His 6 galician poems set to music by Abe Rábade.

30 de Maio ás 22h
Praza da Quintana
Compostela (Galiza)

New cd: Doravante

Doravante is Abe Rábade´s new album, his number 12 as a band leader. It is conformed by five original compositions, two versions of Galician traditional music, two jazz standards, a Cuban music classic and the harmonized transcription of a spoken speech.

Abe Rábade founded his first acoustic trio in Boston in 1996. Ever since, he explores the expressive possibilities of this format. Nowadays, after ten years playing with Pablo Martín Caminero and Bruno Pedroso, the trio practises a rich eclecticism where the following aspects can be found: the footprint of the popular music from Galiza, the jazz tradition, the R&B flavor, risky rhythmic and conceptual experimentation, the influence of the classical, flamenco and Afrocuban traditions and always a generous path for the Unexpected in every concert or recording. The groups´s discogrpahy assembles titles such as “Babel de Sons”, “Simetrías”, “Playing on Light”, “Zigurat”, “A Modo”, “Versons”, “Tránsitos” (Trio & Shymphony Orchestra) “Once” and the present “Doravante”. Abe Rábade performed in countries such as the USA, China, Morocco, Germany, Portugal, France, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala or El Salvador.

Abe Rábade (piano)
Pablo Martín Caminero (double bass)
Bruno Pedroso (drums)

Premier of original works by Abe Rábade

3/28/2014 – Premier of the following original works by Abe Rábade: “Cinco Fiestras” (for choir and string orchestra) and “Setes” (for flute, piano and string orchestra) at Auditorium of the EAEM (School of High Musical Studies), Compostela (Galiza).

Abe Rábade has been recording Nuno Ferreira

Abe Rábade has been recording Nuno Ferreira’s new album. The Portuguese guitarrist put together a septet featuring Chris Kase (trumpet), João Mortágua (alto sax), João Hasselberg (upright bass) and Joel Silva (drums).